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Antonio Salazar


What is the most important takeaway you want people to acknowledge in your photos?

I just want to trigger things rn

Emotions, whatever they are

Memories, all of it

When you started photography, did you always know that your culture was going to play a big part in what you capture or did it turn out that way by chance?

My culture was always there in the background like white noise

Not that it wasn't special or worth photographing

I guess it was inevitable for it to find its way into my fotos

I just want whatever I make to add to that bigger conversation with it

Who/what inspires you to pull out your camera and take a photo in that moment?

Inspiration for me is very random

Sometimes I don't pick up a camera for months

And just one day see a movie scene or some crazy moment on the street and it hits me like a ton of bricks

Something in concrete

Someone's teeth


All kinds of things get me

What are you looking forward to (professionally or personally)?

Just be ready for that next project or foto opportunity that comes along

Is there an artist right now that you think we should be keeping an eye out for?

There's so many artists I know of that are doing amazing work but I'd have to sat @delosflores & @alrightmilan going crazy 

I like what they add to what's going on out here in Phoenix

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